I've been asking myself why I am putting up another blog, for the nth time. I already have another blog which I used mainly for business, back when I was designing digital scrapbook kits. But I had to close my doors on that one as I want to focus now on my main bread and butter which is writing.

But since the Doodelandia blog has been around for quite some time I don't feel up to deleting it altogether, mainly due to sentimental reasons and partly because a straggler who is into digital design goodies, might in his or her online quest for freebies would gleefully find digital bliss in the freebies still available in that blog.

Not sure in what direction I'd like to steer this blog to. I don't have grand illusions, though. Just scratching an itch for a creative outlet for the writer in me.

Let the madness begin then. Raw, unedited madness.


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