I'm not a geek. So naturally, I failed to make the Bluetooth wireless mouse that came with my Eee PC notebook work. It took me nearly an hour to figure out that you need batteries for this thing to work and almost 30 minutes to locate where the batteries are stored inside the mouse. I was stupidly adamant to figure it out without the help of Google, believing that my college degree is enough assurance that I should be able to put two and two together to make the mouse work.


I'm not a geek, but unfortunately, I can be quite obsessive. I spent nearly my entire morning today hunched over my desk,  using a safety pin and a chopstick (I couldn't find anything else in my bedroom that can be used as tools) in deconstructing this dang, freakingly stubborn good-for-nothing wireless mouse. 

When I finally got the battery cover open, I found two old batteries already leaking acid inside. I was right in describing the mouse as good-for-nothing. I decided to just go and buy a new wireless mouse - surely they are not that expensive, I thought - so I threw away the old batteries and put the mouse back together and set it aside.

However, when I got to the computer store, I was shocked to see that they are actually quite expensive. The first one the salesgirl handed over to me cost P1,400+. That much for a mouse? You got to be kidding me. But the cheapest one costs a little over P700. Forget it.

I do have the wired optical mouse which I regularly use, but I was hoping to get the wireless one working since it came free with the netbook. Oh well.


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