I met up with a couple of my girl friends two Saturdays ago for a lunch date and afterwards dove into a calorie-laden food trip:

That photo above is of the highly popular Frozen Cappuccino served at Mamia's coffee shop in front of the postcard-pretty boulevard here in the city. My best friend, G, told me this cup of seventh heaven is a culinary hit that tourists are often told never to leave the city's shores without stopping by at Mamia's and ordering it.  Seems like it's been around for ages so I'm really shocked that I've only learned about this and tasted it a couple of weeks ago. Yay. I'm not much of a foodie as I'd like to think.

To sum it up, this dessert is total bliss in a cup. If tomorrow is Judgment Day, I'd want a plate of meatball spaghetti and Frozen Cappuccinos for my last meal, please. After a scoop of this luscious treat, I nearly forgot my name. It's so good that it should be outlawed.

It's been two weeks now since I ate it and yet my mind is still laced with its caffeinated frothiness. Too bad I put myself on a strict diet starting May 22. More of that in another post!

I Googled to see if there are Frozen Cappuccino recipes online because I'm thinking of replicating this in my own kitchen, and probably later on in my best friend's baby shower. So far, the most similar I found is Ree's (Pioneer Woman) post over at food.com, although hers are served in cupcake cups.

I'll keep Googling it up though because I'd really like to get ahold of the exact recipe of the ones served at Mamia's. 


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