I thank the good Lord for creating cats. When the going gets tough at the office (which happens often), I am blessed to have two feline buddies to de-stress to. I feed them and keep them around for entertainment value and cute factor. Nothing like two warm-bodied, purring yellow animals rubbing against and circling my legs to remind  me that life does not revolve around work.

Our office building houses many cats, but there are two that I am particularly good friends with, which are the ones you see in the pictures. The rest just ignore me or, when they deign to acknowledge my existence, stare at me with cool disdain. These two, however, realize the delicious benefits of sucking up to a human who will feed them fish everyday. :-)

My day at work is not complete without them. Although I try not to get too attached because these cats are not mine- I just feed them and we let them wander in and out at the office- hence, I know that they can just vanish anytime. I'd love to bring them home but I have 3 dogs who are card-carrying members of the Anti-Cat Club, not to mention that my father suffers from asthma and cat hairs can trigger violent asthma attacks.

For the meantime though, I'm just relishing in the fact that I am hopelessly under their spell. I give them food, and they provide me relief in between news stories. A perfect arrangement wherein both parties are completely satisfied. For which I'm thankful to my bosses, Ms. Jen and Ms. Mines (who is one of this blog's subscribers. Yay!) for allowing the cats in and out of the office.

Credit goes primarily to Chris for teaching me to love cats, because about 3 years ago I used to be scared stiff of them. The sight of a cat used to send me running in the opposite direction! Goes to show that my fear  was due to ignorance and misunderstanding.

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