Good (healthy) food + good company = empty plate. 

Another must-taste in Dumaguete City- Carmen's Salad at Gabby's Bistro. You can mix and match your greens and what you want in it. The combo I ordered in the pic shown above is a mix of cucumber, black olives, mushroom, croutons, grilled chicken bits, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Chowed it down with a glass of water (fat-free, zero calories, baby!).

I cleared my plate in just a couple of minutes.

I wanted to give myself a pat in the back afterwards, for ignoring the cheesecake and my favorite grilled salmon with that rich, creamy sauce (the name of which I have forgotten again).

I'm thinking of scratching the croutons and olives next time and opt for the shrimps and mango instead.

Aside from the plate-clearing yummy food, Gabby's Bistro also knocks out its competition with their cool, retro decor:

The decor is a cross between an American diner and a French bistro. That gasoline tank (?) is super adorable I would have brought it home with me if it was possible. 

The place, not to mention the food, seriously rawks.


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