It's Friday night and I'm totally bushed. This has been one long week for me, yet still I feel that I haven't been very productive. It's one of those periods that happen every month when the woman's hormones go out of whack, and mine just went spinning out of control this week.

I'm not feeling very chatty tonight so I created this collage to fill up today's post. Collage courtesy of Picasa. I just discovered the awesomeness that is Picasa plus it's free! Creating collages in this program is just one click away. Nifty!

The photos in the collage were taken by Leo, our office technician/driver, while we were out doing interviews.

Also, I want to share my favorite hairdo during those days when I don't have time to pretty up my hair. It's a half-up bun in a messy twist. Works pretty well for my curly hair because the texture keeps the twist in place. No clips or hairpins needed.

When I'm in the mood (and have the time) I would braid the half-up from the sides to the center at the back, then let the rest fall down. Again, no clips or pins. That's one of the advantages of having curls- the texture keeps the braid and twists in place.

Back in high school through college I hated my curls so much that I would often have it straightened at the parlor. Not ironed straight (because hair irons were not that popular back then) but chemically treated. It resulted to burns on my scalp from haphazard and careless hands of indifferent  hairdressers. Despite that, I still kept "stretching" my hair every after six months.

But as time went by (and my hair on top started thinning a bit) I started to slowly embrace my curly top. I love my curls now. This is actually the longest I've let my curls grow and I think they look pretty. I just make sure to slather some hair mousse or hair polish so the coils remain tight and curly in all its natural glory.

I said at the start that I wasn't feeling chatty tonight but look how long this post has become.


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