The Dad and I celebrated Father's Day this year without the Mom who is away on vacation-slash-business trip in her hometown. We took advantage of this by having lunch in my Dad's favorite restaurant, Moon Cafe, which my Mom is not so fond of so we we rarely ever eat there as a family during our Sunday lunch eat-outs.

After church, my father said he was hankering for Moon Cafe's Baby Back Ribs, which is just tasty. (Well, it should be, given its price!).

Then after lunch, we watched The Green Lantern at Robinson's Movieworld. We barely made it on time due to the long line of people at the ticket counter.

He wanted to watch Green Lantern because it was one of his favorite comic books when he was still a kid. This is the first movie we both watched together after Avatar two years ago, which my Dad truly enjoyed and which was the first time in a long time he stepped inside a movie house after his corneal transplant. It was quite an experience for him. I remember he was so amazed by the sensurround effect in the cinema, and how the floor vibrated with the movie's audio effects. Plus he couldn't get over how big and wide the movie screens are now.

I am thankful to God for so many things, and one of them is that I've been blessed to have been raised by this man who, until now, makes my Mom and I laugh with his crazy antics and jokes and weird songs. This man who taught me to love reading, to stand up for myself and to stick to my principles no matter what.

And oh, at church, after Rev. Jonathan Pia's sermon, the ushers gave each of the fathers a cute coffee mug. I joked to my Dad that Mom would be the happiest to see this giveaway as she collects mugs! My Dad loves his coffee, but he already has the Starbucks coffee cup I bought him a few years ago. He wanted one that would keep his coffee warm longer than the average.

On our way home after the movies, we passed by this sign posted by a neighbor on his gate:

I hope they get the puppy back soon! Although my dog, Martial, isn't a puppy anymore but I can imagine how devastated I would be if I lost him.

A couple of fabulous freebie finds this week:

  • Atomic Cupcake has two freebies this month: Scribble Fill and Colored Chrome, both available for both PS and PSE.  [ link ]
  • Katrina of Pugly Pixels posted an adorable color swatch plus a freebie of two opaque and semi-transparent tape strips in .png format. [ link ]
  • Printable business cards in orange, pink and blue over at How About Orange. [ link


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