I've just been going through my posts in this blog and I think I need to make some changes. Drastic ones. I almost had chest pains reading through my earlier posts. If I were someone else and I just stumbled on this blog, I would think the writer is an airhead, a brain-dead, uninspiring and boring person. My posts are useless, frivolous, devoid of even a sliver of intelligence, a waste of time and pixel not only for me the writer but also for the unlucky ones who happen to pass by here.

Okay, that was a bit harsh but I needed that to virtually pound some sense into me.

My posts simply don't reflect who I am and what I want this blog to be. I think that's the downside of blogging when you're minutes away from hitting the sack (which I'm guilty of). I usually get hit by brilliant ideas to blog about during the day but then something else comes up at work and I forget about it. Which reminds me that I need, NEED to get something like this to keep my ideas and tasks organized each day. All I need are Post-it notes (truckloads of them, it seems), notebook and a pen. I can keep that notebook open on my office table so I can jot down stuff on it as I go along. I'm actually a list girl (I keep a lot of lists!) but lately I've been feeling too lazy to keep up with my daily tasks list.

I once tried the digital stickies that you can "sticky" onto your desktop but those can be so easy to delete and it has been more of a disaster for me than useful. Whereas it's not so easy to "delete" a handwritten note. Plus there's a certain satisfaction to be had in crossing out tasks on lists. It's like a confirmation of how productive one have been that day. This good feeling simply cannot be replicated digitally.

I'm still too much of a paper and pen girl. I haven't fully crossed over to the dark side yet. Thankfully.

Anyway, going back to the reason for this post- I vow to make an effort to post more useful stuff from now one. No, nothing mind-blowing or "eureka!"-worthy. Just the kind that I hope will make my reader say "hey, that's good to know" as opposed to "what a bunch of time-wasting crap." A little blog housekeeping is in order, methinks.


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