It's really true that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, especially a female politician.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, furious after learning that a demolition ordered on a slum area pushed through despite her request for a two-hour stay, repeatedly punched the local sheriff who enforced the order. The two-hour extension she requested was because she wanted to settle the matter peacefully and without the bloodshed and violence that often occur during squatter demolitions. The ensuing one-sided fistfight (which resulted to four blows on the sheriff's left eye, face and back, according to Al Jazeera) was caught on TV and has since been played over and over again onscreen and online.

A lot of my friends who are living in Mindanao holds the mayor in high esteem. Personally, I understand where the mayor is coming from. She obviously had a lot on her plate, what with Davao City still reeling from the flashfloods that hit it, resulting to several deaths, injured residents and damage to property. I can only imagine the stress she was under at that time. Professionally, it might have been prudent if she kept her emotions in check and dealt with the issue in a more civil manner, even though the other party certainly had it coming. But we can't go around punching people whenever we blow our top off, even if it's called for.

I believe the mayor can benefit from keeping a journal like this:

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Everytime the urge to land a right hook on someone's face hits, grab a pen and write his/her name down in the notebook instead, along with all the dirty words you would like to scream to that person. There might be little gratification in this method, but it will save you the trouble that comes along with a very PDA or public display of anger.


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