I love my business cards:

The cards are deliciously thick. The colors are poppin'. Overall, they look sharp and professional. The kind that you won't have second thoughts about spreading around. In fact, the first few days after I got them, I was excited to start handing them out to people. But now that my supply is slowly dwindling, I'm not feeling as generous hehe.

The cards are from Moo.com and they're fantastic. Moo is an online printing company that prints (duh!) business cards, stickers, postcards and mini cards. It's hard to find a local printer in the city where I live that can produce business cards with this same quality. I'm really glad that Moo ships internationally for a very reasonable price.

Ordering a card from Moo is easy; navigating their site is a breeze that even a 6-year old can do it, as long as that 6-year old has access to a credit card, that is. Or better yet, a Paypal account.

There are several designs to choose from. You can also narrow down the designs by profession. Once you've chosen a design, you just type your text/info that you want to appear on the card right there on their site, check out, type your shipping address, choose a payment method and voila!

My cards arrived a bit longer than I expected (about a month and a half!), given how slow the Philippine postal office works in delivering packages from abroad. The cards were packaged nicely and they came stuffed neatly inside a black business card box. I ordered an extra box in white to store other people's business cards.

Given that the cards are printed on both sides, the price was really reasonable compared to how much it would have cost me to order the same set from local printers with lesser quality.

If you don't have your own cards yet or you're not satisfied with yours and you'd like to give Moo a try, then now is your opportunity to do so. Moo is holding a three-day summer sale of 30% off on their products. You'll have to hurry though, coz I think that sale period is about to end anytime soon.

In case you're wondering, yes I smudged out my contact numbers on the cards you see on the pics posted here because I'm paranoid about my privacy, and you should too (so don't post your phone numbers, addresses and goodness, your bank info!).

And no, I'm not being paid for writing this post. Just sharing a product I love, and looks like my dog does too! :-)


  1. Beautiful! Since I'm very visual, I looked at all the pictures first and thought you made them yourself. But I know you have the skills to do it if you wanted to!

  2. Thank you Myrill! I have yet to learn how to upload designs at MOO for business cards lol. No doubt once I find out how, I'll design my next set of cards I'll be ordering from them. Although there's TONS of stylish ones from their pre-designed sets. Perfect for lazy designers like me lol.


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