It has been a very productive couple of weeks for me, hence the long silence here in my blog. I'll try to put down to pixel in the following days all these ideas swirling in my head these past weeks (isn't it just darn weird when ideas strike you at your most inconvenient moments, like when you're taking a bath or about to fall to sleep?).

For this post, I'd like to brag a little bit about the world-class craftsmanship that Filipino hands are known for. I recently had to cover a forum held at the Sidlakan Negros Village, a one-stop shop of souvenir items and delicacies made from goods indigenous to our province.

It's been awhile since I stepped foot inside the store and I  couldn't help but drool over the lovely items displayed all around the room. Good thing I didn't bring much cash with me or else I would have left the store flat broke! But I did leave with a slew of photos to share the gorgeous handmade Pinoy goods with everyone else here.

Warning for readers on slow internet connections: it's pic heavy from here onward!

Those straw dolls with their shawls, tiny basket and straw bag are so adorable! They come with tags in case you'd like to give them away as gifts. Aren't those rings on the right picture simply exquisite? Made of shells and beads and buttons. I'm also in love with the plastic hand, a charming way to display your rings and bracelets.

I intend to go back to buy one of the coin purses made from abaca straw. They look so fun and playful. Plus they are affordable. Enough said.

The wall in one end of the shop is dotted with straw hats. If I had a bigger space for a living room, I would so totally imitate this.

I think it was around this point I had to wipe the drool off my chin. The colors and the shiny objects were making my heart pitter-patter!

This guy (left pic) guarding the stairs leading to the store reminded me of Emperor Qin's terracotta soldiers. The clay bustier on the right, as interesting as it looked, gave me the chills. I have an overactive imagination plus I watch horror movies a lot. Not a good combinaton if I had that head in my living room or bedroom. Well, definitely not in my bedroom!

There's a lot more to be seen and bought inside the shop, like herbal drinks, delicacies and knitted bikinis and boleros. I highly recommend tourists who plan on visiting Dumaguete City to drop by the Village. A staff of Philippine Senator Chiz Escudero (Hi, Nora!) whom I met at the forum did her shopping there and walked away with four paper bags of goodies for the senator's pilots. It's certainly worth the visit (and the pesos!).

Frames from Paula Kesselring's Retro Frame Brushes | Collage by Picasa


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