My father used to work as a salesman for California Manufacturing Corp. (the company that used to sell Knorr, Lady's Choice, Royal Macaroni and Spaghetti products). Among his clients were posh hotel restaurants and he has befriended chefs and waiters alike. 
When he makes a business call, he's granted access to the kitchens where sometimes he's invited to eat with the chefs or the waiters. Over gourmet food, the servers would tell stories of what they do to customers who aren't nice to them. I need not specify here how they get back at their rude customers because I know you already have an idea what it is. Let's just say that this vengeful act - in all its various forms - always goes unnoticed. The rude customer never knows how the serving staff got even.  

I have, on more than one occasion, witnessed how some people can be so haughty in treating waiters, salespersons, clerks, janitors. These are people doing honest labor. They don't deserve to be treated as such. Which is why I'm not surprised that some servers "interfere" with the food of obnoxious customers. 

Now, I'm not saying that I agree with waiters messing with the food of customers, no matter how much they deserve it, because I don't. Besides, this could lead to an even bigger headache for the waiter should the results be disastrous. There are other more decent ways of putting pompous customers in their place. I'm sure waiters have learned the subtle tricks of their trade.  

I'm also not saying that you should be nice to the wait staff so they won't do anything with your food. A decent person would treat other people decently no matter their social status. 

What I'm saying is give these guys a break. They are on their feet all day serving food to all sorts of people with all sorts of temperament on a minimum pay grade. There are a lot of idiots out there, and servers deal with most of them everyday. 

And most importantly, don't skimp on the tip, especially if you are pleased with the service. 


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