Ifind it very sad that until now, there's still a need for a sign like this to be put up in public places in the Philippines. This one was put up in a government building where the office I work for is housed, right next to an office door, along a path where people pass by everyday.

Thank goodness the strike-anywhere guys read and followed the sign. After this one was posted, the olfactory assault whenever one passes by here gradually stopped. So I guess, for this August Break post, I'm thankful for that!

Guys, just because it's easy for you to do your business anywhere doesn't mean you should. Pissing on the walls in a public place is so uncivilized and plain rude. That's what bathrooms are for, dude. Use them.


  1. Agreed! I once saw this guy peeing right in the sidewalk without shame in a public area. I was so mad how funny he thought it was. I should have yelled at him, but he looked like a lunatic and capable of pounding me.

  2. Haha! Be careful with guys like that. If he's the type to pee in public, you don't know what else he can be capable of!


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