I've been neck-deep in writing and event-planning tasks at the office lately, hence the lack of posts here. When the need to exhale some work stress becomes too great, good thing the office cats know just when to jump in and save my day:

I moved away from my desk to answer a phone call and when I came back, PK had made a bed out of my Macbook.

She then proceeded to lay down her head and slip into a relaxed sleep. I didn't have the heart to lift her up and put her down, so I let the little pregnant minx be, giving myself a reason to take a much-needed break.

This cat sure knows an expensive 'bed' when she sees one!


  1. hmmm... kalami sa position sa cat. She sure knows an expensive bed to take a nap. lol

  2. Mas sosi pa kaysa nako ning iringa hehe.

  3. The computer is warm hence the reason to lay and sleep there...

  4. To Anonymous: yes, that's what I thought too! Now if only there's a computer big enough for humans to sleep on... :-)


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