I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will let up two days from now because our office is holding a one-day training on social networking, blogging, and e-newsletter production in Cebu, which is a boat or ferry trip away from where I live.

We were told to download a trial period of MS Publisher if we don't have that in our laptops yet for the e-newsletter production lecture. Problem is, I've been trying to download Publisher on my Macbook Pro but it won't open.

The link that was e-mailed to us directed me to the Microsoft site where you have to download the entire Office Suite. But, 1) I already have MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel for Mac on my laptop and 2) I can't find a link on there site where I can download Office Suite for OSX. 

But that would make sense, since Microsoft is Apple's competitor. So Bill Gates isn't likely to offer his products in a platform that would work on Steve Jobs' OS. 

I don't use Publisher when I design our office newsletter because it's way too limited. Truth is, I was weaned on Adobe Pagemaker 5 back when I was doing the layout of our college newspaper. And it's been Adobe for me ever since, all the way to InDesign, which is what I use now when laying out e-newletters or my father's weekly paper. 

Anyway, I'll keep on Googling how to get Publisher into my Mac, just for the seminar. However, I'm more interested in learning about Social Networking and Cyber Laws. 

On the lighter side, I had a haircut a few weeks ago, inspired by Meg Ryan's Kathleen Kelly character in You've Got Mail:

This is the result of watching re-runs too many times on HBO. Sigh.

So I had my long curls chopped off. While the hairdresser was snipping the tresses off, I didn't realize I was gripping my seat's armrest. This is my first time to go this short! I just felt the need for a new (drastic) look. Plus I was getting tired of my high-maintenance long curly hair. I wanted something that's wash-and-go.

I was dreading what my friends would say about it. The feedback has been mixed, though. From "you look cute!" to "you look professional". But at least, they're all positive right? :-)


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