his officially kicks off my Workspace Love Series! (Drum rolls, please!)

I have a BIG thing for beautiful workspaces. The creative in me irrationally believes that a beautiful space produces beautiful work. Irrational because we all know it's not the pen, it's the writer, in the same way that it's not the camera, it's the photographer. But still, I can't help but fantasize about how I will change the world, one story or blog post at a time, in a stylish, well-decorated and thoughtfully arranged space that get the creative juices seeping.

Like this:

via Casa e Jardim via Pinterest

It's certainly not your usual office. Let's ignore the iMac (a "gadget" in my wishlist) for a minute and focus on the glass tabletop with the wooden legs. This table is actually a do-it-yourself (DIY). The legs are four easels that the interior designers topped with a glass panel. Ingenious.

I never would have thought of using a glass table like this - with no drawers! - as an office table. But it looks so darn pretty, contrasting nicely with the warmth exuded by the wood surrounding this space.

Those Eames chairs don't look too comfy to sit on for hours, but its simple, no-fuss curves blend very well with the clean and minimalist vibe of the glass table. I would gladly give up comfort - and table drawers - if my office looks like this!

The cherry-on-top in this space, for me, are those pivoting wooden bookcases. So clever as a space saver and room divider, while opening up to breathe light into the room.

I also like the lighting fixture suspended above the table. I wonder if they light up separately with individual switches or all at the same time. They give a studio vibe to the entire space.

According to the website Casa e Jardim where this photo was originally posted (written in Portuguese, translated via Google), this space was designed by Fernando Fore, Lawrence Gimenes and Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz for a couple who are lawyers by profession (so I guess those are law books in those bookshelves).

No offense to lawyers, but this is not your typical law office. This space fosters the feeling of openness and transparency- the lack of drawers, the clear glass table surface and the revolving open bookshelves. Even the waste can (under the table) is transparent! It's like the owners are saying "Come on in, we got nothing to hide." Which is why I was surprised to learn that this space is owned by a couple of lawyers. Not that I'm saying lawyers have something to hide (*grin*) but well, most law offices I've been to or seen online and on magazines are not this guileless and unreserved.

Watch out for more lovely spaces in the following days!


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