34, to be specific. That's how old - or young, depending on your age - I am.

My birthday was two weeks ago. It was a quiet affair, as it has been for the past 10 or 15 years. I took the day off (birthday leave), bought lunch for my workmates, went shopping, received phone calls and text messages from friends greeting me a happy day, spent the rest of my day with my parents and my dogs.

I think I stopped having birthday parties when I turned 20. The birthday gifts - the kind wrapped in pretty paper and curling ribbons - started dwindling as the years went by. I don't really miss having birthday parties anymore. It's kinda sad, I think, because it could mean I'm really getting old, both in spirit and in appearance. It was when I hit 30 that I realized what the saying "Youth is wasted on the young" really means. 

I did allow myself one luxury item on my birthday. It is my most extravagant buy to date. But I'd rather keep it under wraps for now =). Let's just say that it's sleek, it's beautiful and so darn worth every peso!


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