mentioned in a previous post that our agency hosted a regional convention for information officers. I was sort of in charge of most of the preparations for the three-day activity, which was a good thing because it took my mind off the Indonesia trip that didn't push through. (I think Indonesia, from now on, will be my big fish that got away).

At the start of our convention (until the day it ended), I was in a lot of stress, trying to keep on top of things to make sure that the program went smoothly.

I was walking back and forth so much all day inside the venue. All that prancing around was too much for my one of my kitty heels that it broke near the end of the first day.

I popped a menthol in my mouth and tried to do the Mentos TV ad thing again by trying to break my other heel. But no matter how I tried, the heel wouldn't budge. So I ended up limping around. Thank goodness this was when the first day's activities was about to close.

Too bad that Mentos thing doesn't work all the time.

I'm kinda feeling bad about it until now because this pair is one of my favorites.


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