ne of my pet peeves is loud voices inside cafes.

In my experience, cafes are supposed to be nice places where people can go to sit down and write on their journals, read books, study, surf online, blog, or chat with friends. The atmosphere is supposed to be very low-key, smooth and easy just like a cup of hot coffee.

The noise level inside the cafe, ideally, is toned-down compared to the bustling sounds of life outside. Isn't this is the reason why coffee shops are decorated to appear cozy, intimate and relaxed?

I go to the local coffee shops to sip caffeine while I write and blog, just like today. Mid-post, this girl seated somewhere behind me started talking loudly. It sounded like she was giving debate pointers, in a big voice, to the two girls seated with her.

I saw the other customers in tables near mine frowning in the direction of the loud voice. But the loud voice went on and on.

Earlier, a male foreigner rebuked a group of girls beside my table for their trumpet-like giggling. "Really, you're all very loud!" he yelled from his table across the cafe.

Chastised, the girls fell silent. "Thank you," the foreigner then said and resumed talking to his Filipina companion.

I wish that foreigner was still around to give the same lesson to the loudmouth behind me.


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