ut where? And when? With whom?

My electronic passport arrived last week, much thanks to Miss Jam and Erwin from our Manila office and Miss Ivy of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

At least, I got a shiny new passport even though I didn't get to fly to Indonesia.

But now that I got the pasaporte, I'm raring to fly somewhere, anywhere outside the Philippines.

Such as Los Angeles where the BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2011 will be staged from Nov. 3 to 5.

They have a great lineup of social media and new media experts, including Shani Higgins, CEO of Technorati and Guy Kawasaki, former evangelist of Apple. I can totally see myself jumping booth to booth lapping up every tidbit of new media info during the live demos and meet-and-greets, and trying to score a ton of Blogger swag during the giveaways.

Or maybe fly to Bora Bora in French Polynesia? The Intercontinental Resort and Spa there was named the best in French Polynesia by the World Travel Award. I would love to find out for myself just why.

High on my List of Places to See Before I Die is of course, the Big Apple, for obvious reasons. It is the capital city of the world! Who wouldn't want to go there? Along with New York is Tuscany:

I was smitten by Tuscany after watching Under the Tuscan Sun (my favorite line is from Diane Lane's character: "Unmistakably good things can happen, even late in the game. It's such a surprise.")

I want to go there and buy a rundown villa just like Diane's character did and make something wonderful out of it.  Then spend my days soaking up the Tuscan sun, cooking up a storm of delizioso pasta while blogging about the prelibato Italianos. *grin*

Here I go again, travelling to far away places in my mind. I may have the bragging rights of being the girl who crossed the ocean in the middle of a storm, but really, I'm still just a girl holding a stamp-free passport with nowhere to go.

I think it's time for a trip to the lottery outlet!


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