My best friend became a Mommy last night!

Hello, Julia Yzabelle Garcia:

Gi, the new mom, was in labor for almost seven hours. She said the pain was so excruciating that she was screaming for most of the time inside the delivery room despite the epidural shots. She even felt it when they were stitching her up. She recalls the doctor commenting on her low pain threshold.

The sad part is that they didn't ler her husband stay with her while inside the delivery room. I thought this was already allowed in Philippine hospitals?  The hubby's presence is the best emotional support the wife needs while she's going through what could be the most painful experience of her life.

Besides, I think husbands should also share the pain. He is, after all, also responsible for the baby's conception. It takes two to tango.

Anyway, Gi will be checking out of the hospital tomorrow but not Baby Julia. She has to stay at the hospital nursery for ten more days. Her lab tests show she has neonatal jaundice and she has to be treated with antibiotics (via intravenous) for ten days.

The nurse at the Silliman University Medical Center nursery was kind enough to pull back the curtain for me and the proud new father, Jude - who has yet to hold his first child - so I can take some shots of the precious angel.

She was sleeping peacefully in her cot, bathed in glowing blue light emitted by the ultraviolet lights. I looked it up online and it's called phototherapy, a treatment used to get rid of the biluribin in the baby's blood. Biluribin causes newborn jaundice. The baby's eyes are covered by a black mask so the light waves won't hurt them.

We're rooting for you Julia! You are made of stronger stuff. Just like your Mom.


  1. rach, i'd rather not have my husband in the delivery room with me. my husband became jittery and made me anxious while in labor. plus he had been pestering my doctor whenever he got the chance.

  2. haha... mas ginerbyos pa sya kaysa nimo? mayo kay wa nimo sya gipa kick-out sa delivery room? :-p

  3. would you believe i just read this today (jan. 13, 2012)??? hehehe and where did you get that pic of me on d hosp bed? didn't even know it existed! heheheh bilib na ko nimo ching! thanks a lot anyway. You made me feel like a total celebrity for a while, hehhee... mwah! (~_~) (gigi-I posted as anonymous coz la ko google/twitter acct)


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