The wound is too fresh," says Yankees Team President Randy Levine, on their painful loss to the Detroit Tigers during the division series this year.

Yankees fans all over the world are still reeling from that awful defeat, especially since they were so tantalizingly close to the victory they needed to advance to the American League Championship Series (ALCS).

Kathy Willens/AP photo
The Yankees' loss came just days after the world lost one of the most innovative thinkers of our time. The death of Steven Paul Jobs on Wednesday - the genius responsible for the iPod, iMac, iPad and all things shiny, sleek and expensive from Apple - cut a gash among all Apple users and followers worldwide. 

Those two losses are two too many, especially if you're a Yankees fan who owns an iPod, iPhone, i-everything. I'm a Yankees fan but I don't own that many Apple stuff. In fact, I only have two-  an iPod Nano and a Macbook Pro, both of which I acquired just this year, a day after Steve Jobs announced he's stepping down from Apple. 

But though I haven't been an exclusive Apple user (mainly because of the price tag which is a little above my pay grade), it's really true what they say: once you go Mac, there's never going back. You will only fully understand Jobs' genius and legend - and feel how big a loss his death is - once you've gone through the Mac experience.  

He will never be replaced because there can never be another one like him. This loss is permanent.  

On the other hand, for the Yankees, though this year has been unsuccessful, there's hope. Talks are already rife on how we can get that World Series pennant fluttering over the Yankee Stadium next year. Just you wait and see. :-)


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