The office cat finally popped about a week ago and out came these two adorable kitties  

The cat - who I named Pia's Kid or PK for short (long story) - decided to to make one of the unused boxes inside the office her personal maternity ward. All of us employees were away at that time and our janitor, who was left behind to man the office, heard the soft mewls coming from one of the boxes. Since we lock up the office at night, our janitor placed the two cuties inside a shoebox lined with newspaper pages and brought them to the vacant room upstairs where they won't be disturbed by too much human traffic.

That's PK above with her don't-you-even-think-about-coming-near-here-or-I'll-tear-your-eyes-out look. She's really actually a sweetie, once she's fed (haha).


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