There is a new craze in digiland. If you haven't stumbled on Pinterest yet, or never even heard of it, I'd say you you've been living under a rock. Just kidding :-)

I first heard about Pinterest from the owner of a digital scrapbook store I used to design for a couple of months ago. I clicked on the link and the rest is history. It's been quite some time since I've last been this seriously addicted to something. Reminds me of a phase last year when I couldn't stop playing Feeding Frenzy 2 (I was playing it all the time; even sneaking it in between news assignments at work!). I only got over the Feeding Frenzy addiction when I successfully finished all the levels in one sitting. The game has 60 levels. Yeah, it was that bad.

Anyway, Pinterest is a different story, in a most delightful way. It works like a virtual pinboard, where you can "pin" stuff that you find interesting online. Let's say, for example, you found a recipe in a blog that you must cook later on, so you want to sort of "earmark" this particular blog page. Your impulse would be to hit CTRL+D to bookmark it in your browser.

But if you're like me, I have hundreds of sites bookmarked but haven't gotten around to organizing/tagging them all yet. The thought of wading through those hundreds of bookmarks is enough to drive me crazy, and this is where Pinterest comes in to the rescue. I just click the Pin It bookmark, a button that you install onto your browser's bookmark bar, and it will "grab" all images in that web page from which you choose which image to pin into your Pinterest board. The source link or the permalink comes along with that pin. You can also add descriptions or note down prices of the items you pinned.

The result is actually a virtual cork board meets personal catalogue slash scrapbook of all things that catch your fancy when you're wasting time online! Since you can create different boards, follow other Pinterest users' boards and re-pin their pins, it's one endless visual feed of interesting, inspiring eye and mind candies. But really, the point is, all my bookmarks are in one beautifully-designed "catalogue" that I can easily locate the ones that I need to find right away because of the boards.

The pins in my feed are predominantly design-themed; well, in my case, I guess since a bulk of the boards I follow are design-based. I currently have 16 boards, 812 pins and 18 followers. I'm aiming for a thousand pins and 50 followers (kinda ambitious I know hehe!) and once I hit those, I'm going to celebrate (harhar).

Here's a screenshot of my latest pins:

A glimpse of some of my boards:

My favorite among my boards is "Dreamy Spaces" where I pin/re-pin beautifully-designed house interiors and exteriors as well as storage ideas. I also love my "Just Because" board where I pin/re-pin pictures of cute, cuddly animals in funny poses.

If you're interested, drop me an email (addy on my sidebar) so I can send you an invite! Once you're in, or if you already have an account, let me know so we can follow each other over there. :-)


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