Have you heard of The August Break? Susannah Conway started it and you can read more about it here. Basically, it involves posting a photo - with our without text - everyday for the entire August. Ms. Conway started it last year because she wanted to take a month-long break from blogging, so she posted just put up wordless photo posts everyday. The August Break fever spread and over 500 bloggers joined last year.

Ms. Conway started it again this year and I'd really like to join but I don't think I can post just photos everyday. I'm too, well, verbose for that. But that's the beauty of The August Break - there are no rules, no pressure. Plus you can jump right into the middle of it, like I'm doing now.

So this is officially my first post for The August Break.

There's another reason why I'm joining the break. August is my birthday month :-). My August Break posts will include photos of that which I'm thankful for. I intend for every post to be laced with gratitude for everything that I've been blessed with. I really need to be reminded of this as lately, I've often caught myself complaining when things don't work out the way I want them or hankering for a life that I wish I were living or taking for granted the people who love me.

For my first photo for my first August Break post:

Thank you, Lord, that I am working in a job that involves something that I love doing- writing. The stories I've written are my own little contribution to my community. The people I've interviewed were all fascinating in their own way and most are people I've remained friends or in contact with until now. For that and for so much more, I am so grateful.

Sure, there are days that I hate my job, that I dread going to the office or going off to cover an out-of-town event. But in the end, I feel fulfilled because I know that I am where I am now for a purpose.


  1. hello...
    nindot ni nga break rach. hehehe... hmmmm... makes me wanna join in, too.
    oi, nus-a mana imo birthday rn month? my eldest son will be 7 sa thursday & hubby+me we'll be turning 8 this month sad. *wink*

  2. Hi Ing! Wow, Happy Anniversary! I pray for 8x8x8 more anniversaries for you and hubby.

    My birthday is on the 26th. Daghan diay ta mag celebrate this August! Belated sa imong eldest! Mga bright daw ang mga natawo og Agosto *wink*


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