ress conferences are making me fat.

I don't know how it works in other places, but here, press conferences are almost always held in restaurants, where the food served are almost always greasy and fattening.

Fries with burgers. Sandwiches with fries. Softdrinks. Spaghetti. Burgers. Sandwiches. Fries.

I'm trying to cut down on the carbs and the cholesterol by staying away from the grease and the fat. But I can't help it sometimes. Or most of the time! Especially during luncheon presscons held by sponsors who weren't bothered by limited budgets, so they hold it in hotels or cafes where the food is expensive for a reason.

How can you say no to gourmet food served to you for free? Short of wearing a gas mask to block out the mouthwatering aroma, I'm defenseless.

Like I said, press conferences are making me fat.

Moving on to another topic (as it might trigger another wave of unhealthy cravings), I'm such a bad August Break blogger. The break's purpose was to encourage daily blog postings. But I have been quite busy this week (Er, what else is new?) and I'm too tired to do a blog post when I come home from work. After spending so much time on the computer at the office, the last thing I want to look at when I get home is another computer screen.

So I'll try to do a series of make-up blog posts today. Since my first August Break post was on August 8, I have about six make-up posts to put up, including this one. Ms. Conway did say that there are no rules to the break, so I figure that this should be okay.

Now you know how I'll be spending my rainy Sunday today.

Since I intend my August Break to be a series of what-I'm-thankful-for posts, what am I thankful for right now?

Free, delicious food during presscons. I really shouldn't be complaining, when in other parts of the world, people are going hungry.

So, Rachelle, shut up and be thankful that you work in a profession that involves attending events where food is free, along with other complimentary gifts. If the food served is unhealthy for you, don't be embarrassed to have it wrapped up so you can bring it home with you and give it to someone who'd want to eat it.


  1. LOL literally here!
    Nothing's like reading your post about fattening food then scroll down to leave a comment and see that you said you "would starve" for a response! Nice work, Rach! This is just what I love about you!!

  2. LOL! Oh-mah-goodness. I totally forgot about my comment intro. What can I say? I'm a bundle of complications. =p


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