've been thinking of starting a series of weekly blog posts on various topics such as graphic design, interior design, recipes, travel, books, movies, etc. A series on stuff that interest me. I get writer's block most of the time, especially when I'm faced with a blank page and a blinking cursor. I keep complaining I don't have enough time to blog, and yet when I do have the time, my mind shuts down and I can't think of  a single thing to write about. Dang writer's block.

So I figured that a blog series would be the best way to address this, with the help of Pinterest. I love Pinterest. It's my most favorite website, apart from Chellelandia, of course (he!). I have 20 boards up there right now, all containing virtual pins of everything that interests me- bags, shoes, interior design, vacation spots, food, crafty projects, graphic design, gadgets, fashion, hairstyles, houses, packaging ideas, etc. I just need to mine my boards for inspiration whenever writer's block hits. It's one endless loop of eye candy over there.

I'll start the series later on today and schedule my posts to go live on my blog for the coming week.

Right now I'm at the office finishing some printing jobs. (It's Saturday, and we don't get paid overtime.) The printer is churning out pages of project profiles that need to go inside the press kits for the President's visit here this Tuesday. Presidential visits are always stressful for us in the agency. So many arrangements that need to be made and details to attend to, and something always goes wrong at the last minute. Murphy's Law. No matter how well you prepare for all the possible worst-case scenarios, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, especially in an event as big-scale as this.

But I still can't help crossing my fingers (and praying) that nothing will go wrong.  Or else heads will roll. I kinda like where my head is right now, thank you.


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